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Python and Django Web Developers

Python and Django developer outsourcing and outstaffing. Remote developer team: senior, middle, and full stack developers (VueJS). Only experienced programmers. Ready to start within one week.

  • 7 years on the Python Django development market
  • 30+ Django Backend и Full Stack specialists
  • Upwork 100% Job success

We save you time and money

Working with us is more profitable than hiring full-time employees or working with freelancers.

We minimize the risks

We thoroughly plan out everything before going into development. We can help you out with CD and market analysis.

We are stable and reliable

We work with a specific development stack: only Django, NodeJS, and VueJS. Our specialists have proven qualifications.

We respect agreements

We stick to contracts and deadlines. You can reach us every day of the week. When you need us, we’re there.

  • Community of professionals

    idPowers is a community of more than 50 mid-level and senior engineers that specialize in a specific technology stack. All of our developers have been carefully selected by us: they have proven qualifications and excellent soft skills.

  • Development as production

    We’re engineers first and foremost, so our main mission is to come up with the most effective and economical solutions for business tasks. We implement a wide range of tools and technologies in our work. The only thing that stays the same is our stack: Django, NodeJS, and VueJS.

  • Ready to start, streamlined implementation

    We can get started on a new project within one week. For small projects, we keep the the process as direct as possible — you will be working with the developers firsthand. For bigger projects, we can provide you with a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Q/A Specialist, and DevOps Specialist, if needed.

  • High-level organizational and technical processes

    We don’t make our job more complicated than it needs to be. We use resources sparingly. We use sprints or Kanban for workflow management. Our backend developers aren’t afraid of the frontend, and our frontend developers aren’t afraid of the backend.


Quick start

We’re ready to start working on new projects within the tightest deadlines. The onboarding process generally takes no longer than one week.

Responsible team

Our Django developers have proven qualifications and communication skills, and they are easily interchangeable within teams.

Minimal risks

We provide a test period with a 100% money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with our developers.


We can scale up our team with specialists from related domains in the event of such a necessity.

Full transparency

We provide our clients with daily updates about the time we spend on work. We’re always available during work hours and ready to answer any work-related questions.

Personal manager

A manager will help build out the work processes within the team and will always listen to the client and answer any organizational questions.


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Системы оплаты

Яндекс.Касса, Тинькофф банк, Сбербанк

Best2Pay, RBK Money, Открытие, PayPal, Paytabs, Robokassa, Intelectmoney, Aramex, Альфабанк, Skrill

Системы доставки


Aramex, Boxberry

СМС и IP-телефония



Битрикс 24, AmoCRM



Google maps, Яндекс карты

Прочие сервисы

1С, Яндекс.Диск, Google.Drive, Sentry, Zabbix,,,,,, ФИАС и КЛАДР, ФССП,,