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Board of directors

  • Dmitry Barakh

    Founder and CEO
    “I’ve spent more than 15 years in web development. I even remember in my school years making page layouts from HTML tables. With my involvement, idPowers has developed more than 100 successful projects. I personally supervise the development quality at the company and work to protect our values and principles. If you have any suggestions or thoughts about potential partnership or our work, please contact me on social media.”
  • Rafael Kamashev

    Lead Backend Developer
    “I have more than 9 years of experience in backend development. I’ve been working with Python and Django since 2011. I’ve participated in the development of a great number of projects: from small eCommerce platforms and corporate sites to portals of substantial size with high server loads. I supervise backend development quality at idPowers. I promote the Zen of Python principles within our team: elegance, simplicity, and readability of code. I strive to develop projects in small cycles of implementation with testing and concept development.”
  • Nikita Korolev

    Lead Frontend Developer
    “My experience in IT is 6 years. I supervise frontend development at idPowers. My main specialty is JavaScript, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, and Node.js. I mainly develop and support large startups and lead the frontend development team. I’m always improving and implementing the newest technologies in our development process.”
  • Andrey Yershov

    Lead UX/UI Developer
    “I’ve been working in IT since 2011. I spend most of my time on design, which is both my job and my hobby. My key stack is Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision, Zeplin, and Axure. My main specialty is web interface development and mockup design for mobile and web applications. I try to make my work elegant, simple, easy to use, and efficient. For me, design is a powerful tool to make the world a better place.”