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Developing complex web applications and MVPs for startups

Our key competency is developing complex web projects, including MVPs for startups. We prototype intuitive interfaces, create modern designs, and write reliable code and clean page layouts.

  • Price — $16-21.5K
  • Duration — 3-4 months
  • Time to start — within 2 weeks

We save you time and money

Working with us is more profitable than hiring full-time employees or working with freelancers.

We minimize the risks

We thoroughly plan out everything before going into development. We can help you out with CD and market analysis.

We are stable and reliable

We work with a specific development stack: only Django, NodeJS, and VueJS. Our specialists have proven qualifications.

We respect agreements

We stick to contracts and deadlines. You can reach us every day of the week. When you need us, we’re there.

  • Community of professionals

    idPowers is a community of more than 50 mid-level and senior engineers that specialize in a specific technology stack. All of our developers have been carefully selected by us: they have proven qualifications and excellent soft skills.

  • Development as production

    We’re engineers first and foremost, so our main mission is to come up with the most effective and economical solutions for business tasks. We implement a wide range of tools and technologies in our work. The only thing that stays the same is our stack: Django, NodeJS, and VueJS.

  • Ready to start, streamlined implementation

    We can get started on a new project within one week. For small projects, we keep the the process as direct as possible — you will be working with the developers firsthand. For bigger projects, we can provide you with a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Q/A Specialist, and DevOps Specialist, if needed.

  • High-level organizational and technical processes

    We don’t make our job more complicated than it needs to be. We use resources sparingly. We use sprints or Kanban for workflow management. Our backend developers aren’t afraid of the frontend, and our frontend developers aren’t afraid of the backend.

Все включено


Market analysis

We implement CDs and analyze the market. We evaluate the viability of your idea and suggest different promising options for the product’s realization, or we steer you away from development if it isn’t worth it.


Project requirements

We compile the technical and business requirements for the project and develop a roadmap for it.


Prototype and specifications

We create an interactive prototype with technical specifications and a user story.


Design and interface development

We create a modern design for the public part of the project and the user profile interface.


Programming and testing

We break down the development into sprints and releases, and we start programming and debugging the code. The result is a working MVP.


Entering the market

We help with user acquisition and implement feedback channels and product analysis systems. User feedback can help form further product development planning.


Быстрый старт

Готовы начать работу в самые сжатые сроки. Обычно команда на проект комплектуется в течение одной недели.

Надежная команда

Наши Django-разработчики обладают высокой подтвержденной квалификацией, сработанностью друг с другом и взаимозаменяемостью.

Минимальные риски

Предоставляем тестовый период, в течение которого действует 100% манибэк в случае если разработчик по какой-либо причине Вам не подойдет.


При необходимости усилим проектную команду дополнительными специалистами, в том числе и из смежных областей.

Прозрачные процессы

Предоставляем ежедневные отчеты о затраченном времени. В рабочее время всегда на связи и готовы ответить на любые вопросы.

Личный менеджер

Менеджер поможет выстроить рабочие процессы в команде, всегда выслушает и ответит на организационные и другие вопросы.