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Corporate Website for Your Investor

The Your Investor auto loan service

General purpose

The company’s corporate website gives the user an idea of the potential opportunities and benefits of cooperation with the organization.

About the project

The main technical feature of this project is the ability to create web pages from pre-made blocks. The blocks include the following: a promotional information block, a calculator block, a user review block, a site news block, and a feedback form block.

Block stylization

The administrative panel makes it possible to create multiple variations of the same block. Each block can be stylized by changing the background color, content, number of elements within it, and/or how the icons look.

Static pages

Aside from the customizable pages, there are also static ones for the company’s blog, news, Q&A, user reviews, and the “our team” section. The content of those pages can be changed in the administrative panel.

In conclusion, the client now has a website with a modern design and content that can be changed using some simple tools.