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User Profile for Your Investor

The Your Investor auto loan service

General purpose

The user profile lets users of the platform get access to the services provided by our client without needing to visit their office. Users are granted access to their profiles after applying for a loan. The client’s ERP system and other services (such as Oktell and Sumsub) were integrated into the web application to collect information about the users and their loans.

User features

The full spectrum of functionality, including loan payment, auto-pay, news, and the referral bonus system, is located on the main page of the app.

Extended functionality of each of those features is accessible on the dedicated pages for each feature. For example, the loan page also includes loan settings, loan history, and a payment schedule in addition to the loan payment functionality.

Online loan application

The user has the ability to sign up for a pre-approved loan. In order to do that, the user has to go through a few modal windows, wait for the organization’s approval, provide some additional information if needed, or sign the documents right away and receive the loan in their bank account.

The project is still actively growing, but it is already satisfying a wide range of needs for both the company and the end users.