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The Superlance Freelance Job Posting Aggregator

All freelance platforms on one website

About the project aggregates freelance job postings from different platforms into a single job feed. The information is gathered from the most popular Russian and foreign freelance platforms and social media freelance communities.


After registration, the user gets redirected to the onboarding page. At this stage, the user can configure their job feed based on their professional competencies. After onboarding is complete, their personalized job feed is created.

Job feed

This page displays job postings from freelance platforms and social media based on the user’s professional competencies and additional filter settings, such as the job cost and material, source, keywords, etc. The job feed updates every minute.

Manual job post filtration

The user can set up a range of unique filters to create multiple job feeds. Each feed can be adjusted for a specific professional competency. The user can duplicate and delete filters.


As soon as a new relevant job posting appears, the service notifies the user through Telegram or with a browser push notification.

Monetization and payment system

The user has access to a free trial period, after which they will be asked to choose the duration of their subscription. The amount of the discount depends on the duration of the subscription. Payment is made through the integrated service ЮKassa. Receipts are issued through integration with Modulbank.