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Development of Yacht Leasing Marketplace — SailSpeak

Yachts and boat leasing becomes easy with SailSpeak service

Home page

A user friendly interface allows visitors to rent a yacht with or without a captain, in a few simple steps. The user only needs to select the rental period, location, time and can pick a preferred yacht from the list offered by the search system. The page lists the best yachts and the most popular voyage routes, as well as articles written by yacht owners.

Travel Card

All the necessary information, such as visible detailed photos, vessel specifications, equipment, location, is displayed on this page. Yacht owners can share details of their yachts by posting articles in the blog. The yacht leasing process is simple; the user only needs to set the rental period, date, and number of passengers traveling and the system will calculate the trip rate automatically. The yacht owner will get a notification on a new rental request and will contact the user.

Convenient Notifications

Any message or notification will be displayed as a pop-up window on top of the website.

My Profile

The yacht owner can control their rental requests, add yachts and write articles in the blog. There is a convenient calendar showing upcoming events on the right hand side. Any rental requests can be supplemented with a personal note that won't be displayed in the lessee’s profile.

Mobile Version