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The Traektoriya34 Educational Platform

About the platform

Traektoriya34 brings educators in the Volgograd region together in a united community. After becoming a member, the user can join professional events, sign up for training courses and professional tests, join different communities, share their achievements with other professionals, read regional news within the education domain, and find and message colleagues.


This page displays all the educators in the Volgograd region that have joined the platform. For the user’s convenience, it is possible to search for a member by their full name, place of work, job title, professional level, or personal interests. This information is entered by the members themselves in their profiles.


This page displays a list of the Volgograd regional educational institutions and a search bar with the functionality to filter those institutions by name, municipal area, and institution type. There is brief information about each institution and its achievements, board of directors, educational personnel, and the organization’s phone number and address.

Event calendar

Educators can apply for participation in professional events hosted by the platform organizers. At the end of the event, participants receive certificates.

Training courses

This page displays all the available training courses that educators can sign up for. After their request gets approved by the moderator, the educator then gets access to that course in the Moodle virtual education system. Payment for the course is made through the integrated service ЮKassa.

Personalized roadmap

In this section, educators can create their own personalized learning roadmaps with up-to-date courses and events. They can create them themselves or send a roadmap creation request to their assigned tutor. The roadmaps automatically include all current courses and events that the educator has signed up for. When they’re done creating it, the roadmap is sent to the tutor for approval. The tutor can advise the educator on whether their roadmap could use some additions or adjustments. If a roadmap creation request was sent to the tutor instead, the tutor creates the roadmap themselves and the educator is given the ability to adjust it and accept it.

Identifying professional deficiencies

Educators can sign up to take a professional deficiency test consisting of multiple choice questions. After the test is completed, the user is given their results and professional competency development recommendations.

Adding colleagues and messaging

Educators can add people to their colleagues list to communicate with them on the platform and there is a messenger function for sending messages.