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MyAhiska social network Design Development

MyAhiska is a large and complex product with its own story and users


The user should register to use the site. Once registration is complete future logins will be automatic.

Profile Page

Profile page is the identity for the user to post personal information such as photos or audio materials.


Messenger page is divided into 2 columns. On the left, there is a narrow column with a chat list. On the right there is a big block showing currently active conversations. The chat list is sorted by date of the last messages. The newest chats will appear on the top. Users can attach files and create group chats with several members, as desired.


We created several styles of the site: standard, light, and dark. The user can select and switch styles in their profile settings at their own discretion.

Your Friends

All friends of the user are displayed in this section. On this page the user can send messages or remove someone from their friend list.

Your Photo Galleries

Mobile Version

Mobile version is very user friendly since it’s significantly simplified compared to the desktop version and it loads quickly.

Tablet Version