Development of web portals

Creating of the portals of various complexity including highload projects with high-load daily attendance. The possibility of introducing custom functionality, integration with various services. Each site is developed individually.

Features of portals

  • Unique design

    The design is developed individually for each project.

  • The development of any functionality

    The ability to integrate with any service, the integration of any non-standard function.

  • The high extensibility of the code

    The site comes out flexible and widely scalable. There is a possibility of revision of any functionality at any time.

  • Convenient adminpanel

     Full control over the site through a convenient system of administration.

  • Modern technologies

    We develop websites in python, django, postgresql, html5, css3, bower, jinja and other.

  • Quick start

    Development in django stands out for its high speed and stability.

  • Fast loading of sites

    Because of g-zip compression, compression, obfuscation, proper DOM structure, using sprites loading speed of the website increases significantly.

  • Website development using TDD

    Adding of new features and support current ones is greatly simplified by the development of the TDD method, simultaneously saving time and money.

  • High resistance to hacking attacks

    A high security of project is achieved because of developing in django. It is almost impossible to hack such website

  • Flexible options for SEO

    Full control over SEO: automatically generated Sitemap, editable robots.txt, management of SEO-tags of all pages.

  • Development in Agile methodology

    Because of this methodology, the development becomes flexible and the result meets the requirements and objectives of the project.

  • The warranty on the performed work

    We give a warranty period for the performed work for 1 year.

Work on the result
You only need to couch the objectives of the project. We will develop the concept, organize the workflow and implement what was conceived in the best possible way. Trust professionals.
Examples of our works
Corporate websites
DLG Paris
Corporate websites
Caster Troy,
Only positive emotions. Thanks to guys for the job. All clear on the point, no fuss. The work is done efficiently and in time. All my gaps in knowledges guys has filled their professionalism. See review in
Ivan Vislavsky,
Quickly and accurately coped with the task. We were satisfied with the work. See review in
I want to report that the season was successful. The profitability of the site has grown twice in comparison with the last season. Our cooperation is very, very effective, thanks for the help, quick response, reasonable prices, efficiency and high quality services. We hope for the further cooperation on TWO projects already!
Yurii Lisichkin,
The work is done professionally. My recomendations as the Python/Django specialists. See review in
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