En+ Group «360 minutes»
Look around to make the globe cleaner

En+ Group «360 minutes» developed from the action «360 minutes for Baikal». The series of summer eco-marathons with massive final action at the beginnig of September has been organized by En+ Group for 6 years in a row.

There were only a hundred of the company employees as a volunteers at the very beginning. And now there are thousands of them, concerned for the fate of unique natural corners of Russia.

Such Russian stars as Glukoza, Maxim, Pushnoy, Drozdov, Shishkina, etc. already expressed words of support for eco-marathon participants.

There is wide-format panoramic image with horizontal scrolling allowing to appreciate the beauty and scale of the famous lake is presented at the frontpage. The site is created as a single web-application, inner pages content is loaded dynamically, without page refresh.

The project informs about the action «360 minutes», its news, partners, past and future events announcements, contain photo- and videogalleries of preserved areas and a lot more.

During the registration for the action a form for enlisting was available. Volunteers data were saved automatically to the site database and specially prepared Google Doc.

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